Chapter 3 : Swift Environment Setup

As we discuss in our overview , Xcode provide playground platform for learning purpose and we are showing how we can work into it.

What we need (with download link) :

Xcode IDE for iOS / OS x application development 

To download Xcode you need to enroll your self at  developer account  

You can find the DMGs or XIPs for Xcode and other development tools in Apple Inc website  (requires Apple ID to login).

NOTE: You must login to have a valid session before downloading anything below.

Here i have put All Xcode version Direct download links

Xcode 10

Xcode 9

Xcode 8

Xcode 7

Xcode 6

Even Older Versions (unsupported for iTunes Connect)

It have 3 modes (Having fee according to enrollment type (follow all instruction in above link)

1) Enrolling as an Individual

2) Enrolling as an Organisation

Once you have download Xcode  if its .xip file just unzip it or if its .dmg file then you need to extract and drag Xcode into application folder.

Now you have Xcode install in your MacBook.

Now open your Xcode from the application folder from launchpad by tapping in Xcode icon

Now Click File->New-> choose playground-> name it (i have name it 9to5iOS_swift  screenshot



it wil create a file with below code

//: Playground – noun: a place where people can play

import UIKit

var str = “Hello, playground”

For OS X , it will create 

import Cocoa

var str = “Hello, playground”

It will show output as 

Hello, playground

So finally your first playground program is ready.

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