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Chapter 3 : Swift Environment Setup

As we discuss in our overview , Xcode provide playground platform for learning purpose and we are showing how we can work into it. What we need (with download link) : Xcode IDE for iOS / OS x application development  To download Xcode you need to enroll your self at  developer account   You can find

Chapter 2 : Overview

Swift 4.0 is release at 2017-09-19, and its stable version is released at 2017-03-29 by Apple Inc for iOS and OS X development. It adopts best of objective-C and C-language. Its  a new programming language, according to chris Lattner’s Homepage, he started work on the swift programming language in july of 2010. Safe programming patterns

Chapter 1 : Introduction

Paradigm : Swift is a general purpose multi-paradigm , compiled programming language developed by Apple In for iOS , macOS,watchOS,tvOS and linux. Designed By : Chris Lattner and Apple Inc Developer  : Apple Inc. First Appeared : 2 June 2014 Stable release : 4.1.2 May 31, 2018 Typing discipline : Static , strong, inferred OS