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iOS Tutorial: Want your iOS app to scroll in two directions, like Netflix?

Nest UICollectionView inside UITableView for independent scrolling, Horizontal scroll inside UITableView Appstore, Netflix and most of the apps having dynamic horizontal scrolling with vertical tableview Approach Let begin to achieve it 1.Create  A demo App 2.Open Xcode 3.Create new project (File -> New ->Project -> Select IOS -> Application ->Single view Application) 4.I have name

Detect Screenshots in Objective-C

A number of social apps are trending in App Store now a days. Where user upload his profile pics and share moments. But due to a capture option provided by iPhone , anyone can take screenshots of your profile picture without notice by you and share anywhere. So removing such glitch or capture your image

Share Extension , iOS 8 Feature

How to make my app visible in Safari share options? Answer is pretty simple ! Using Share Extension , iOS 8 Feature. My this post describes Apple’s Extensibility feature in iOS 8.  Share Extension allows you to share any kind of content directly with your application or any website. Share Extension can be used by clicking

Introduction to Testing on iOS

For delivering a bug free app , you must need the app to be pass by several type of testings. There are many tools available that can be used to automatically test the application we have write, but some of the tools are an open source model, but in case of Xcode, apple provide its

IB_DESIGNABLE & IBInspectable attributes with Objective-C, XCODE6

Apple brought IB_DESIGNABLE with Xcode 6. Its have some great improvement to interface builder. With this feature you can design custom views via interface builder. IB_DESIGNABLE is used to achieve live rendering of custom views using IB_DESIGNABLE and IBInspectable attributes. In this post we will give you an overview of IB_DESIGNABLE and IBInspectable attributes. Create