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Chapter 6 : Swift Variables

A variable is a storage location name, identified by a memory location , paired with its associative name or identifier having some quantity of information or value. Swift 4 have below basic variable As discuss in last Chapter – 5 Int or Uint Float Double Bool Character NOTE: There are few more types of variables

Detect Screenshots in Objective-C

A number of social apps are trending in App Store now a days. Where user upload his profile pics and share moments. But due to a capture option provided by iPhone , anyone can take screenshots of your profile picture without notice by you and share anywhere. So removing such glitch or capture your image

Chapter 5 : Swift Data types

In programming language we need to use different type of variables to store and transfer information from one view to another. Whenever a variable is  created we reserve some space to the memory,So variable are the reserved memory locations to store values. There are different type of variables in swift like character , string ,float

Chapter 4 : Swift Basic Syntax

In last chapter we have create simple default playground Hello world Code Now in this chapter we learn about basic syntax which we can use further in our Code. use of import and UIKit 1.import statement is used to import any framework or library of Objective-C or C library. 2.print  statement is used to print

Chapter 3 : Swift Environment Setup

As we discuss in our overview , Xcode provide playground platform for learning purpose and we are showing how we can work into it. What we need (with download link) : Xcode IDE for iOS / OS x application development  To download Xcode you need to enroll your self at  developer account   You can find

Chapter 2 : Overview

Swift 4.0 is release at 2017-09-19, and its stable version is released at 2017-03-29 by Apple Inc for iOS and OS X development. It adopts best of objective-C and C-language. Its  a new programming language, according to chris Lattner’s Homepage, he started work on the swift programming language in july of 2010. Safe programming patterns

Chapter 1 : Introduction

Paradigm : Swift is a general purpose multi-paradigm , compiled programming language developed by Apple In for iOS , macOS,watchOS,tvOS and linux. Designed By : Chris Lattner and Apple Inc Developer  : Apple Inc. First Appeared : 2 June 2014 Stable release : 4.1.2 May 31, 2018 Typing discipline : Static , strong, inferred OS

Share Extension , iOS 8 Feature

How to make my app visible in Safari share options? Answer is pretty simple ! Using Share Extension , iOS 8 Feature. My this post describes Apple’s Extensibility feature in iOS 8.  Share Extension allows you to share any kind of content directly with your application or any website. Share Extension can be used by clicking

Introduction to Testing on iOS

For delivering a bug free app , you must need the app to be pass by several type of testings. There are many tools available that can be used to automatically test the application we have write, but some of the tools are an open source model, but in case of Xcode, apple provide its