Month: August 2018

Chapter 13 : Swift Loops

Sometimes we need to execute a piece of code several time. For example if need to print counting from 1,2….100 then instead of writing print statement 100 times we prefer to add a loop of for and print in a single line. We have below loops statement to be used in swift for-in : This

Chapter 12 : Swift Decision Making Statement

Sometimes in coding we need to make a decision, such decisions are made using decision making structures. We have below decision making structures if statement : It consists of a boolean expression either true or false. We can use if statement one after another for multiple condition handling. if else statement : It contain either

Chapter 11 : Swift Operators

Operator are used for mathematical and logical manipulation with variables. We have below operators that supports Objective-C included with swift support Arithmetic Assignment Bitwise Comparison Logical Misc Range Arithmetic Operator If A = 10 , B = 11 +  Adds two operands A + B will give 21 − Subtracts second operand from the first

How do I completely rename an Xcode project (i.e. inclusive of folders)?

  I have a project named SampleDemo I want to rename this project to Sample9to5iOSExample, it includes pod file as well My current project directory contains the following items: SampleDemo SampleDemoTests SampleDemo.xcodeproj and the output to rename them will be: Sample9to5iOSExample Sample9to5iOSExampleTests Sample9to5iOSExample.xcodeproj    Here is using terminal we can do it easily A quicker solution